Lock Block


A funny puzzle game in which the ultimate goal is to remove the pieces from the board. You will have finished the level when you are able to extract the blinking pieces.
Use the dynamite, keys and bombs that you find and hurry up so that the worms, the fall of stones and other events do not make the level more complicated.
Test your skill by solving the puzzle in as few moves as you can, You have more than 600 levels organized in phases and also the possibility of playing daily challenges, all for free!.

You can download the game with your Android device for free in the Google Play Store.


You can remove all the pieces that you think are convenient to simplify the board. Do not forget to collect as many coins as you can with the problem sheet to increase your score.


Use the bombs and dynamite sticks that appear on the board to destroy the pieces that most hinder your goal, but be careful!, do not destroy any problem piece!.


On some levels the keys are necessary to open the exit doors. You must pick up the keys with a problem piece or the outputs will not open.


Sometimes you will see pieces that have arrow indicators that indicate the direction in which the piece will be able to move.    


...And many other surprises that you will discover as you go overcoming levels in the game. Good luck!